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  • Water Purification...

    Water Purification Tablets are lethal to pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores, algae and cysts and can be used to purify water tanks and systems. Oasis 1000 tablets are for smaller scale purification (ideal for smaller water tanks). Oasis 3000 tablets are suitable for large tanks for domestic use, trains & ships etc.

  • Electrochemical Sensors

    You can view a full list of the electrochemical sensors / probes / electrodes and equivalents that we offer here: Electrochemical sensor list

  • Dewar Flasks

    Dilvac Dewar Flasks including the MS Range (enamelled steel) and the SS Range (stainless steel). Various capacities and styles are available with or without handles. The Dilvac Dry Ice Maker is also available to purchase in this category.

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