Electrochemical Sensors

You can view a full list of the electrochemical sensors / probes / electrodes and equivalents that we offer here: Electrochemical sensor list


  • Conductivity Electrodes

    Conductivity electrodes / sensors with various connector types (e.g S8, BNC) and body types (e.g epoxy, glass). For applications such as industrial, laboratory and food.

  • pH Electrodes

    pH electrodes / sensors (some combination with built in reference and some requiring a reference electrode) with various body types (e.g epoxy, glass). For applications such as surface measurements, laboratory, paper and field use.

  • Titrator Electrodes
  • ION Selective Electrodes

    ION Selective electrodes for applications such as laboratory testing, soils / sediments, water, wine and food.

  • Reference Electrodes

    High quality, reference electrodes for wetted materials. These electrodes have 12 month's shelf life.

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