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Chemical testing papers and solutions


Here at RM Supply we supply high-quality chemical testing papers and solutions ready for to you to use in your day-to-day working life. We supply some of the best, most reliable, and easy-to-use chemical testing products in the industry, including:



Johnson chemical testing products


Johnson test papers have provided cost effective, accurate chemical test papers to consumers for over 60 years. They have always offered simple solutions for chemical testing, which led to them becoming hugely popular for use in schools, universities, hospitals and laboratories. We offer three of the most popular Johnson chemical testing products – chlorine indicator strips, peroxide indicator strips and cobalt chloride paper.


Understanding pH levels, acids and alkalines


Chemical testing papers and solutions can be used to test the pH, alkaline and acid levels of liquids – for example, to check that water in a swimming pool or SPA is at the optimum pH level, or to ensure that the chlorine levels are balanced and safe to swim or bathe in. They are used by schools in science experiments, by laboratories testing water-based solutions and by many other professionals, scientists and individuals who need to test the acidity or alkaline levels of a liquid.


Take a look at our range of chemical testing papers and solutions, or contact us if you need further advice on what product is correct for your needs.