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PERAsafe Sterilant / disinfectant

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PERAsafe sterilant for dentists, surgical instruments, opticians etc. 10 minutes contact time.

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About PERAsafe Sterilant

  • PeraSafe 24 x 81gm pack of powder makes up approx 120 litres of PeraSafe Sterilzer solution.
    PeraSafe 6 x 810gm pack of powder makes up approx 300 litres of PeraSafe Sterilzer solution.
  • Powder activated simply by adding to tap water.
  • Only 10 minutes contact time needed for sterilisation.

PeraSafe is an innovative, safe and significantly more rapid and effective alternative to glutaraldehyde for cold steralisation of medical instruments.

PeraSafe is the first major development for years in instrument sterilisation and will revolutionise hospital procedures.

Perasafe sterilant has independently proven efficacy against viruses including HIV and Hepatitus B & C, Mycobacteria fungi and spores.

Sterilisation of instruments, such as flexible labile endoscopes that cannot be heat sterilised, is currently carried out using 2% solution of activated glutaraldehyde.

In the absence of any viable alternative for sterilisation instruments, this has been the practice for thirty years., resulting in serious detrimental effects on the health of nurses and theatre staff, causing such health problems as asthma, dermatitis, conjunctivitis, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Nurses affected by these complaints have successfully taken action against their employers and in situations where the level of fumes from glutaraldehyde has exceeded the legal limit, operating theatres have been closed down.

Perasafe powder shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture.

PERAsafe Prices

24 x 81gm Pack168.00
6 x 810gm Pack215.25

How it works

The aldehyde- free Perasafe solution gives efficacy without harm to equipment or health risks to staff. This avoids the need for special fume extraction or waste disposal systems.

Perasafe powder generates peracetic and peracetyl ions in situ when dissolved in water. The neutral pH of the solution helps combine the biocidal efficacy of peracetic acid with materials compatability which allows repeated and rapid decontamination of pathogens from instruments and other equipment.

Step by step prep instructions for Perasafe powder:

Fill a container with the required volume of lukewarm tap water (30-35 degrees Celcius)
Add the powder to the water. You can use the measuring cap provided if you wish.
Stir the powder until it dissolves to create a clear blue solution. This usually takes ten to fifteen minutes.
Use solution as required. Perasafe solution fades to colourless in approx 1 hour and can be used for up to 24 hours after activation.

For an illustrated guide on preparing Perasafe, see this product page and scroll down. Please note, 16.2g of powder is required for 1 litre of water and 81g powder for 5 litres. The 810g bottle comes with a measuring cap.

PERAsafe Applications

  • Surgical Instruments
  • Eye Clinics
  • Dentists / Dental equipment
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinics

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PERAsafe Sterilant / disinfectant

PERAsafe Sterilant / disinfectant

PERAsafe sterilant for dentists, surgical instruments, opticians etc. 10 minutes contact time.


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