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Oasis Water Purification Tablets 1.7g 200 Tablets


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Oasis 1000 tablets for emergency, household and military water purification applications. 200 tablets per unit. 1.7g NaDCC.

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About Oasis 1000 Water Purification Tablets

  • Oasis 1000 tablets are suitable for the purification of water in tanks and air conditioning units.
  • The Oasiswater purification tablets are more appropriate for smaller water tanks than Oasis 3000 tablets.
  • 1 Oasis 1000 tablet purifies a 100 litre water tank.
  • These tablets are supplied in pots of 200 tablets each.
  • Weight: 3.25gm
  • 1.7g NaDCC
  • Available Chlorine (ppm* in 1 litre): 1000
  • Available Chlorine (ppm* in 10 litres): 100
    *Parts per million

Oasis 1000 water purification tablets eliminate Salmonella Typhi, Vibrio Cholerae, Shigella Sonnei, Streptococcus, Faecalis, Escherichia Coli. Diseases such as polio, cholera, dysentry, typhoid and diarrhoea are all killed by Oasis Plus Water Purification tablets.

For treatment of water in tanks, 10ppm available chlorine is recommended with a contact time of approx 10 minutes.

Regular tank disinfection is still recommended and would require tablets with a minimum of 50ppm available chlorine. These tablets have 1000ppm available chlorine in 1 litre.

Amount of tablets required for the following tank sizes (purification with 10 minutes contact time):

100 litre tank: 1 tablet
200 litre tank: 2 tablets
500 litre tank: 5 tablets
1000 litre tank: 10 tablets
2000 ltre tank: 20 tablets
3000 litre tank: 30 tablets
5000 litre tank: 50 tablets

Please note that we cannot ship this product to the US.

How Oasis 1000 Water Purification Tablets Work

Oasis 1000 water purification tablets are soluble effervescent chlorine tablets that treat water and disinfect. Oasis 1000 water purification tablets contain Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate which has superior disinfection properties.

Ideal Applications

  • Emergency Water Purification
  • Household Water Treatment
  • Military and Armed Forces
  • Commercial Water Purification

Water purification tablets FAQs

Hello, we are looking for a tablet to use to treat a 5000 litre tank with 1ppm. Can you help?

For a dilution of 1ppm for 5000 litres, you could use our Oasis 1000 tablets. You would need 5 Oasis 1000 tablets for 5000 litres.

Alternatively, you could use our Oasis 3000 tablets which require 1.6 tablets to treat your 5000 litre tank.

How long does one tablet last for in a household water tank?

This one is simple but there are variables involved. If the user has used the correct number of tablets to disinfect the water then the water will remain safe to drink. But if the user adds more water to the tank before the clean water has been consumed then the water will need to be disinfected again.

Also if the tank is kept in direct sunlight or in a warm area, this may affect the water compared to it being kept in a cool dark area.

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Oasis Water Purification Tablets 1.7g 200 Tablets

Oasis Water Purification Tablets 1.7g 200 Tablets

Oasis 1000 tablets for emergency, household and military water purification applications. 200 tablets per unit. 1.7g NaDCC.


What is water purification?


Water purification is the process of removing unwanted, or unsafe chemicals, impurities, biological contaminants, solids and gases from contaminated water, in order for it to be consumable and to remove any threat to your health. Even if water looks clear, it can contain microscopic contaminants that can cause great harm. Here are RM Supply we provide high-quality water purification products to buyers across Scotland, the UK and even globally, including:



How do water purification products work?


Water purification meters can be used to test the quality of your water. Water purification tablets will then make it safe for drinking, cleaning teeth, washing wounds, washing fruit and vegetables etc. This is achieved by killing the water-borne organism that causes stomach disorders such as diarrhea, cholera and typhoid. Our water purification products are manufactured to an effervescent formulation containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC). This is an organic chlorine donor with a superior disinfection capacity to sodium hypochlorite, a near-neutral pH and a simple, easy-to-understand closing system for added safety.


Effervescent chlorine tablets are recommended by various aid organisations, including the World Health Organisation, who include them in their Interagency Health Kit.  To use, you simply add one tablet to one-liter of suspect water for rapid disinfection – after several minutes your water will be safe to consume, wash in or clean with.


Who should buy water purification products? 


Water purification products are not just for use by big businesses, but can be used on holiday, when travelling on business, while camping or in emergencies when the only water nearby is of questionable quality.


Take a look at our water purification products, or for help and advice, please get in touch.