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Virkon Powder 500gm Bottles

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This 500gm bottle makes up to 50 litres of Virkon Solution - comes with handy measurement scoop to make 5 litres at a time. Combines cleaning and disinfection in one.

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About Virkon Disinfectant

  • The 500gm bottle of Virkon Powder makes up approx 50 litres of Virkon Disinfectant.
  • Ideal for body fluid spillages. Virkon powder can be added to urine or other body fluids directly for rapid disinfection. Also ideal for routine, preventative cleaning.
  • Can eliminate a wide range of viruses in one, swift cleaning action.
  • Built-in colour indicator of strength and use life up to five days after activation.
  • Unrivalled spectrum - formulated to meet all pathogenic challenge to staff and patients.
  • Efficacy proven by worldwide independent testing program.
  • Proven effective against all major pathogens known to man.
  • Viruses HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, polio, lassa and rift valley fevers.
  • Bacteria Staphylococci, Streptococci, Proteus, Pseudomonas, Mycobacteria- (including TB) and all the major food poisoning bacteria.
  • Proven against a wide range of antibiotic-resistant strains.
  • Proven effective against fungi Candida and the common skin dermatophytes.
  • Virkon is effective at killing 99.999% of microorganisms in less than 10 minutes.
  • Unparalleled spectrum of activity, proven effective against:

300 strains/clinical isolates from 76 bacteria
47 strains/clinical isolates from 35 viruses
45 strains/clinical isolates from 17 fungi

Virkon Disinfectant is developed and manufactured by Antec International, worldwide patents granted.

Virkon is resistant to inactivation by organic material.

Virkon avoids the problems of pre-cleaning which spreads infection on cleaning materials and utensils.

Virkon disinfectant solution has a low acute toxicity, does not cause skin corrosion, does not cause sensitisation and is biodegradable. Virkon also contains no aldehydes, hypochlorite or phenols. As when using all disinfectants, it is advisable to take safety precautions such as wearing gloves and protecting the eyes.

Full details of spectrum and summary of testing program plus copies of all independent test reports freely available.
The 500gm Virkon powder shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacture.

Virkon Disinfectant Prices

1 x 500gm Pack0.28
3 x 500gm Pack8.50
6 x 500gm Pack04.34

How Virkon Disinfectant Works

The active Virkon solution is activated by adding the powder to water.

Virkon disinfectant is a unique, synergised oxidising system based on potassium monopersulphate - works by the physical destruction of pathogens.

The potassium monopersulphate oxidises proteins in bacteria cell walls and viral structures. This is what disrupts the bacteria's physical structure and the viability as pathogens.

Contains a surfactant - combines cleaning and disinfection in one operation.

Step by step prep guide for Virkon Powder:

  • Fill a container with 1 litre of lukewarm water. Measure out 10gm of Virkon powder.
  • Pour the 10gm of powder into the container and mix with a long handled spoon / utensil.
  • Allow the powder to dissolve until the solution turns to a clear pink.
  • This 500gm shaker bottle can be used for direct application on spills.


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Residential Homes
  • Dental surgeries
  • Laboratories
  • Hotels
  • Catering Facilities
  • Food production



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I am pleased with the Virkon Powder, 500gm bottles. They are easy to use and very effective for sterilising equipment.

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    Virkon Powder 500gm Bottles

    Virkon Powder 500gm Bottles

    This 500gm bottle makes up to 50 litres of Virkon Solution - comes with handy measurement scoop to make 5 litres at a time. Combines cleaning and disinfection in one.


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