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Metal Cutting Fluid Test Kit


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Metal Cutting Fluid Kit. Includes displides, incubator and pH strips.

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About Metal Cutting Fluid Kit

Metal cutting fluid test kit consisting of:

3 x boxes of BTM2 Dipslides

1 x Gnat MX2 dipslide incubator

1 x box of Johnson Universal Indicator Strips pH 0 - 14

The testing of metal cutting fluids for bacteria is now paramount to meet most modern health and safety standards.

The inhalation of metal fluid spray could cause a threat to people working in the vicinity if large numbers of bacteria are present. Possible complications could be asthma, dermatitis and breathing problems.

Using our kit, you can effectively test for bacteria levels.

Metal Cutting Fluid Kit Contents

BTM2 Dipslides - Each box of these dipslides contains 10 slides. These slides screen for yeast, fungi and aerobic bacteria.
To use them, you need to submerge the tongue of the slide into a sample. You will need to ensure that both sides are covered. Allow any excess fluid to drain and place the slide back in its protective tube. You will then need to incubate your slide.

Gnat MX2 dipslide incubator - This compact dipslide incubator holds 1 - 2 slides. Once you have placed your slide in the incubator, you will need to set it for the correct time and temperature. This incubator is pre set at 30 which is generally recommended for incubation (48 hrs for bacteria, up to 5 days for fungi). After incubation, you will need to compare the slide against the comparator chart provided to assess whether bacteria levels are safe.

Johnson Universal Indicator strips - It is important to test the pH of metal cutting fluid as if the pH value is too low, the fluid can become corrosive. Low pH levels can be caused by bacteria or contamination which is why it is advisable to test using both dipslides and pH strips to find the root of the problem.

How to use Metal cutting fluid test kits

1. Always ensure that your BTM2 dipslides are stored in a cool place. It is important to remember that the shelf life of these slides is 8 9 months from date of manufacture.

Once the slide is removed from the plastic outer, in order to prevent false contamination, do not to touch the media on any surface etc.

It is also important not to expose the slide to the atmosphere.

2. Use a clean container, free from any detergents to collect your sample. For best results, the container should be rinsed in the process fluid a few times prior to sampling.

Submerge the dipslide to the top of the culture media for around 3 seconds then gently shake to remove any excess fluid before placing it back into the plastic outer.

3. It is now time to incubate the slide.

Place the slide into your incubator for the recommended incubation period. Please remember that incubation is vital for accurate results. The use of radiators, windowsills or boiler cupboards etc will not allow an accurate interpretation as the bacteria is destroyed if the temperature is too warm.

If the temperature is too cold, bacteria may fail to develop fully; both scenarios will lead to false results.

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Metal Cutting Fluid Test Kit

Metal Cutting Fluid Test Kit

Metal Cutting Fluid Kit. Includes displides, incubator and pH strips.