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Autoclavable Disposal / Laboratory Waste Bags

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Autoclave bags for laboratory waste. Available in 3 sizes. Can withstand temperatures of up to 145 degrees C.

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About the autoclavable disposal / laboratory waste bags

About Autoclave bags

Further eliminate the dangers of laboratory waste by using these convenient autoclavable bags. These bags allow for waste to be autoclaved and then disposed of safely. Waste can be immediately secured inside the bag before being placed in the autoclave. This eliminates the chance of areas becoming contaminated before autoclaving and makes sure that waste is always contained. No need to transfer waste into a bag after autoclaving as it’s already done. The bags feature a clear hazardous waste warning on the front.

These bags can withstand autoclave temperatures of up to 145 degrees C.

These are made from polypropylene.

These bags are available in 3 sizes (choose your preferred size from the dropdown).



305mm x 660mm x 38 microns. 

£10.60 for 100 bags

£48.00 for 500 bags


420mm x 600mm x 38 microns.

£11.80 for 100 bags

£54.00 for 500 bags


600mm x 780mm x 38 microns.

£20.50 for 100 bags

£97.50 for 500 bags

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