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Chlor Clean Diluter : 2 Liter Diluter

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2 Liter Mixer for Chlor Clean tablets.

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About the chlor clean diluter : 2 liter diluter

How to use the Chlor Clean Diluter

Check the water is cold for Chlor-clean

Step 1 : Check the water temperature

Check to make sure the water you are using is cold. Do not use hot or warm water to mix Chlor-Clean.

Fill the Chlor-Clean diluter with water

Step 2 : Add the Chlor-Clean Tablets

Using the markers on the diluter, fill with either 1 or 2 litres of water. Next, add one chlor-clean tablet per litre of water. Replace the lid and leave for 10-12 minutes.

Mix the Chlor-Clean solution

Step 3 : Mix the solution

Making sure you have replaced the lid tightly, invert the diluter to make sure the solution is mixed.

Additional Details

Product Reference : CC-DLT

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-236

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