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Below is our proud company history in brief.


John Russell served as a dispatch Rider in 2nd World War and served in Dunkirk.


John joins EIL (electronic instruments limited) who were British pioneers of pH instrumentation and sensor technology and was promoted to sales manager.


John left to join the new Beckman operations in Glenrothes Fife as Sales Manager. This is when John moved to Scotland to live and work permanently.


Beckman ceased operations in Scotland in the early 1970s, this is when John Russell founded his first limited company called Activion. Activion developed and manufactured a wide ranges of pH sensors and reference electrodes.


Activion was acquired by Corning Limited. Where upon, John Russell set up the independent manufacturing facility based in the centre of Auchtermuchty above the co-op, under the new name Russell pH Ltd. To celebrate the opening of the facility, a street party was held (John is shown in below picture socialising with the locals at the party). Russell pH Ltd soon became one of the larger independent electrochemical sensor manufacturers in Europe. 


Michael Russell (John's eldest sun) was asked to join the company as the sales and marketing director. As he had many years experience and training working in the paper industry in the UK. This spear headed a push into Europe, Scandinavia and North America and eventually around the globe.


Michael Russell is appointed as managing director and took extensive steps to modernise the company. Russel pH were pioneers in the introduction of computerised systems installing the Brothers B91 computerised accounting system.


In pursuit of total quality assurance, Russell pH employed a consultant quality manager to oversee the introduction and subsequent certification of BS5750 (the forerunner of ISO 2001).

Product testing


A mutually beneficial agreement is formed with Orion Research in the USA resulting in a significant increase in inter-company sales. Working with the Orion research who were based in Boston Massachusetts this means that Russell ph were frequent visitors to USA and continental Europe to attend all of the main international trade shows such as Pitconn (in the USA) Achima and Analitica.


John Russell retires from the company to spend time with his Wife Patricia (known as Patty) in their country house in Largo Ward.


Russell pH was acquired by Orion Research where Mike Russell continued to work as managing director for 2 further years where upon in 1995 he decided to leave and start today's company Russell Mainstream Supply Limited.


Micheal took his son William on as sales and marketing manager. William saw a gap in the UK market for water treatment and process control products (specifically test kits and reagents). As such, the RMS product range was expanded and this continued over the years.


Our first website was built and launched which showcased our new and expanded product ranges specifically targeting water treatment and hygiene control.

Rmsupply new website


Russell Mainstream Supply introduced a product research and development team and carried out many successful trials throughout Scotland (UK) which resulted in a variety of unique products and services.  Successful trials in the upgrade of many water treatment works within Scottish Water resulted in Russell Mainstream Supply Ltd proudly becoming a preferred supplier. This along with many other successful trials helped RMSupply gain its positive reputation in the water industry.


Ecommerce facilities were added to the website allowing our customers to order our now extensive range of products online.



Due to the recent increase in demand for high quality dipslides, the decision was made to separate the Dipslides sales onto their own online portal. Not only did this allow our customers to place repeat orders but it provided the first dedicated portal online just for dipslide products. This site soon rose to the top of the Google search results and allowed us to break into the American dipslide market (where customers had previously been overcharged for dipslide products).

Dip slides