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Get Ready For Summer With Our Water Treatment Products

Swimming pool and spa treatment
Swimming pool treatment

Our hand held, digital meters are perfect for testing spas and swimming pools.

They are convenient, easy to use and great value with prices starting at £39. You can view our hand held, digital meters here:

Ecotestr pH 1

Ecotestr pH 2

Ecotestr EC High Conductivity

Ecotestr EC Low Conductivity

Caravan water tank treatment
Caravan tank treatment

If you are going to use your caravan / motor home this summer or are letting it out, you may want to treat your water tank.

With Oasis water treatment tablets, you can treat the water in your tank and disinfect the tank itself.
To view our Oasis tablets, see here:

Oasis 1000 tablets

Oasis 3000 tablets

Oasis Plus tablets - prices from £0.20

Camping / Going on Holiday
camping treatment

Whilst camping or travelling, you may not have access to reliable water sources. In these cases, you can use our traveller's Oasis water purification tablets.

With these convenient and easy to use tablets, you can purify 1 litre of water with 1 tablet. Our traveller's purification tablets are £10.41 for 960 tablets. You can view the tablets here:

Oasis traveller's water purification tablets