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Dry Ice Maker

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Dry Ice Maker - Portable, safe and easy to use. Make a dry ice block in less than 2 minutes.

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About the dry ice maker

About Dry Ice Maker

  • Safe and easy way to make dry ice blocks.
  • Produce dry ice as and when you need it.
  • Produces 1kg block (approx) in 2 minutes.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Doesn't require power.
  • Connect to a cylinder of CO2 (liquid cylinder with an internal siphon) and turn on the tap.
  • Comes with full operating instructions.
  • Subject to stock availability – please contact us regarding despatch time.

Dry Ice Maker Specifications

Dimensions of block Dimensions of box Weight of block Yield from 34Kg cylinder
80mm x 110mm x 180mm 160mm x 160mm x 225mm 1Kg ± 10% Approx 5 - 6 blocks

Dry Ice Applications

  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Tissue / specimen preservation /transportation
  • Food preservation