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P19 Robust Teflon Bodied pH Knife Probe

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High quality pH knife probe for food applications such as meat, cheese, fruits.

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About the p19 robust teflon bodied ph knife probe

About P19 Robust Teflon pH Knife Probe

  • This product listing is for the P19 Robust Teflon Bodied pH knife probe for heavy duty applications.


  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Fruits


  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Cable Length: 1 Metre
  • Connector: BNC (others available upon request)
  • pH Range: 0-14
  • E O Point: 0mV to +25mV
  • Temp Range : 0-60
  • Response Time: 30 secs 95% FSD
  • Ref. Type: Ag/AgCl Gel
  • Junction Type: Porous Teflon
  • Lower Shaft Length: 75mm including spear point
  • Stem Dia mm: 8mm
  • Body Type: PVC, Glass

Additional Details

Product Reference : RMS000909

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-188

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