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371-75 Silver ION Selective Electrode (BNC)

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ION selective electrode with 1 metre cable for soil, plating baths, sediments applications.

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About the 371-75 silver ion selective electrode (bnc)

About Silver Combination ION Selective Electrode.

  • This electrode can be used with any convenctional hand held or laboratory pH meter with a millivolt mode.
  • The silver combination electrode is fitted with a 1 metre cable, terminated with a BNC connector.
  • No reference electrode or filling solution needed.
  • Available in water proof and fully submersible format.
  • Solid state sensors.
  • Suitable for anyone to use (no knowledge / specialist skills required).
  • Very robust with long lifetime.


  • Soil
  • Sediments
  • Plating baths
  • Photographic fixing solution


  • Description: Silver
  • Dimensions: 120 x 12mm
  • Concentration: 100 - 1 x 10-7
  • Limits (ppm): 107,900 - 0.01
  • Temp Range : 5-50
  • Main Interferences's: S-, Hg++
  • pH Range: 1-9
  • ISAB: 5M KNO3

Additional Details

Product Reference : RMS000840

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-191

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