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K20 Conductivity Electrode

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Connector Type

About the k20 conductivity electrode

K20 Conductivity Electrode Specifications

  • Our closest equivalent to SK10B, SK10T ,SK10Y, SK70T (choose connector from dropdown).
  • You can select from BNC, S8 and BNC 2 x 4mm plug connectors. You can also select PT1000 (Built in ATC)
  • Range: 0-10mS
  • Temp Range: 0-80°C
  • Body Type: Epoxy
  • Shaft Length: 120mm ± 2mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 12mm
  • Cell Constant: K=1

K20 Conductivity Electrode Applications

  • Industrial
  • Paints, inks, dyes
  • Food
  • Laboratory

Specifications shown above may differ slightly depending on which option you choose in the dropdown.