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Haz Tabs Hygiene Kit - Haz Tabs Tablets, Granules & Diluter

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This NaDCC chlorine solution and granules Haz Tabs kit is a cost effective product for absorbing and disinfecting blood and body fluid spills.

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About the haz tabs hygiene kit - haz tabs tablets, granules & diluter

This kit will assist you in effectively dealing with body fluid / blood spills and general disinfection.

Buying this kit will give you a saving of 5% in comparison to buying all of the products separately.

This kit includes the products listed below.

Haz Tabs Tablets 100 x 4.5g 

NaDCC tablets for the effective disinfection of body fluid / blood spills. 4 tablets can be diluted in 1 litre of water (using the diluter in the kit) to create a 10,000ppm chlorine solution. The solution can be made up whenever required to avoid wastage. The Department of Health recommend the use of chlorine solutions to disinfect body fluid and blood spills. Unlike other solutions, the Haz Tabs solution is not inactivated by contact with blood. Haz Tabs tablets can also be used for general disinfection.

Haz Tabs solution strength recommended for general environmental cleaning: 1,000ppm (our 2.5 litre diluter would be more appropriate for making up general strength solution).

Haz Tabs solution strength recommended for blood and body fluid spills: 10,000ppm.

Haz Tabs Granules 500g shaker bottle

Haz Tab granules stop the spread of biohazard blood / body fluid spills by absorbing the spill and disinfecting at the same time. Spills can be quickly managed by pouring the granules directly onto the spill. Once the spill has been absorbed, the granules and spill can be collected using a scoop and can then be disposed of in the same way as other biohazard waste.

Haz Tabs Diluter Container 1 Litre

The Haz Tabs diluter offers a convenient way to accurately mix up Haz Tabs solution for blood and body fluid spills. The diluter bottle features instruction labels, measurement markers and provides a container to create and store Haz Tabs solution.

Ideal Applications

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Care facilities
  • Tattoo and piercing studios

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