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Dilvac Dewar Flask MS/90 - 1.5 litres

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Wide and narrow mouth, 1.5 litre dewar flasks. Ready to use flask. Rust and corrosion resistant.

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About the dilvac dewar flask ms/90 - 1.5 litres

About MS/90 Dilvac Dewar Flask

Dilvac Dewar Flask MS/90

Blue enamelled Steel: Wide and Narrow Mouth

A range of low-cost utility Dewar flasks specially designed for laboratory, hospital and industrial use. Safe for use with all liquid gases and ideal for cold traps. High-quality borosilicate glass inner flasks, ultra-low evacuated in attractive blue stove-enamelled tough steel outer container. There are 12 sizes in this Multi-Purpose, rust-and corrosion-resistant range, including models with an insulated lid, fold-down carrying handle and cushioned base to prevent benchtop damage.

*Please note all our Dilvac Dewar flasks come fully ready for use. If you should damage your interior glass of your Dewar flask we can offer replacements at competitive prices, see dewar flask replacement.

Dilvac MS/90 Dimensions

Diameter mm: 126

Height mm: 290

Capacity: 1.5 litres

Additional Details

Product Reference : RMS000759

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-39

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