Replacement Sensor For Eutech Elite pH & CTS Tester

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Please note, this listing is for the replacement pH / CTS sensor only, not the tester.


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Elite pH & CTS (PCTS) Replacement Sensor

This is a replacement sensor module for the Elite pH & CTS tester. It is very easy to replace the sensor on your Elite pH / CTS once it shows signs of calibration failure or fluctuating readings. No need to buy a whole new tester, just purchase a sensor at a much lower cost.

Replacing a sensor

  • Ensure you have dry hands.
  • Hold onto the ring with the pH / CTS sensor facing you. Twist the ring clockwise. Set the ring aside for later.
  • Remove the old sensor module from the tester by gently pulling it away.
  • Match the four slots on the tester with the four tabs on the new sensor module and gently push the module into the slots.
  • Push the smaller O-ring fully onto the new sensor module. Push the other O-ring over the module and thread it into place by firmly twisting counter clockwise.
  • Your tester will now require calibration before use. You will have received a full instruction booklet with your tester that you can consult if need be.

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