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Perasafe Sterilant (Rely+On)


Not available to USA / Canada due to FDA regulation.

Rely+On Perasafe is a high level disinfectant for use with medical devices. Ideal for hospitals, dentists, eye clinics for sterilising instruments. Effective against viruses, mycobacteria, bacteria and bacterial spores.

Product Size: 16.2g Sachet

Rely+On Perasafe is a high level disinfectant for use with medical devices. It was created to provide decontamination against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, bacteria spores and yeasts. It is almost neutral in pH and has an optimised corrosion inhibitor system. This makes it particularly suited for heat sensitive medical devices that require disinfection. Mix this with its 5 minutes disinfectant time (10 minutes sterilisation time) and you have a fantastic product suitable for disinfecting various medical devices rapidly and efficiently.

How to Mix Perasafe Sterilant

Fill a container with water

Step 1 : Fill a container with water.

Fill a measuing container with warm (30-35 Degrees C) water. Use the table below for the correct water to perasafe powder ratio.

Pour Perasafe powder into the water.

Step 2 : Add the Persasafe powder.

If using the bottle, replace the lid. Your solution is now ready to use.Using the table below, add the correct amount of Rely+On Perasafe powder to the water.

Stir the PeraSafe solution.

Step 3 : Stir the powser

Stir/adjitate the water until it turns into a blue solution. Once it is blue, leave the solution for 15 minutes before use to allow the Perasafe to fully activate.

PeraSafe Mixutre ratio

When mixing perasafe, it is important to use 81g of Perasafe per 5 litres of water. The below chart show the mixtures per product sizes.

Product Size Volume of water
16.2 gram (1 sachet) 1 Litre
81 gram (small bottle) 5 Litres
810 gram (Large bottle with measuing cap) 50 Litres

What pack sizes are available

Rely+On Presasafe sterilant is available in three product sizes. You can select the product size you requie using the dropdown in the top right of this page.

16.2 Gram Sachet

16.2 Gram Sachet

A single use sachet that contains 16.2 grams of Perasafe powder which will make 1 litre of disinfectant solution.

Perasafe 81 gram bottle

81 Gram Bottle

This small bottle contains 81 grams of Perasafe powder and will mix 5 litres of disinfectant solution

Perasafe 810 gram bottle

810 GramBottle

This large bottle contains 810 grams of Perasafe and includes a measuring cap. It can mix up to 50 litres of disinfectant solution


How Perasafe works

The aldehyde- free Perasafe solution gives efficacy without harm to equipment or health risks to staff. This avoids the need for special fume extraction or waste disposal systems.

Perasafe powder generates peracetic and peracetyl ions in situ when dissolved in water. The neutral pH of the solution helps combine the biocidal efficacy of peracetic acid with materials compatability which allows repeated and rapid decontamination of pathogens from instruments and other equipment.

Disinfectant solution lifespan

Perasafe has a lifespan of 24 hours OR 20 immersions (whichever occurs first). For fungicidal disinfection, solutions should be used within 8 hours of being prepared.


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