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FFP3 R D Respirators 10 Pack

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  • FFP3 R D Respirators
FFP3 R D Respirators


Pack of 10 BLS 505B FFP3-R-D (EN 149:2001) Respirators by BLS.  

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About the ffp3 r d respirators 10 pack

Pack of 10 BLS FFP3-R-D ( EN 149:2001 + EN 149:2003) Valved (complete gasket) cup shaped Respirators by BLS.

BLS are an Italian company founded in Milan in 1970.

Full BLS company history can be found at

CE0426 Made in Italy

What does FFP3 Mean?

FFP3 is the highest level of protection available. FFP3 respirators have a filter level of at least 99% of airborne particles. 

What does the "R" stand for?

The 'R' on a disposable respirator (like this one) stands for reusable in accordance with standard EN 149. In brief, it means the ability to clean the respirator has been tested and as such the respirator can be used for a second shift. 

During the current Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, it is important that you remember that respirators like these are originally designed for people to wear for a work shift (e.g. an 8 hour shift). As such, it can be concluded that the respirator when properly and carefully cleaned (following the manufacturer's guidelines) could be used for two 8 hour shifts (16 hours in total). 

If you are purchasing this item to use infrequently e.g. to use for a hour when going out to the shops, you can use the above as a guideline on when you should replace the mask. For legal reasons, Russell Mainstream Supply Ltd can not confirm how many times you could wear the mask if it is being worn for shorter intervals. 

What does the "D" stand for?

The D stands for disposable and shows that the respirator meets the additional requirement of the EN149 standard (Dolomite dust clogging test). This is where a test is carried out to see if dolomite dust disrupts the air flow through the respirator at high levels. As such, the "D" mark is another quality indicator.

Are this respirators CE marked?

Yes, they are CE 0426.

How many respirators are in the box?

There are 10 respirators inside each box. 

Does the respirator have a valve?

Yes. There is one valve in the centre of the mask to allow for easy outflow of air.

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Product Reference : BLSFFP3RD-10

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-237

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