Cytotoxic Drug Spills Kit


Cytotoxic Drug Spills Kit for the collection and disposal of spills. For use in hospitals, pharmacies, oncology departments.


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About Cytotoxic Drug Spills Kit

  • The kit includes CT-Zorb granules that quickly and efficiently contain and absorb the spill.
  • Once the spill is absorbed, the granules can be scooped using the scraper and scoops provided.
  • Collected granules and spill remnants can be disposed of in dispo-bags.
  • You can also use surface wipes after the spill is collected.
  • Protective clothing is included in the kit.

Spill Kit Contents

  • 2 shakers of CT-Zorb Granules
  • 15 scoops and scrapers
  • 1 tub surface wipes
  • 15 dispo-bags
  • Hazard warning tape
  • 15 anti-splash face masks
  • 15 protective aprons
  • 30 nitrile protective gloves
  • Full instructions

Cytotoxic Drug Spills Kit Applications

  • Hospital wards
  • Oncology Departments
  • Pharmacies

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