Urine and Vomit Spills Kit

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Kit includes granules for absorption as well as wipes to disinfect the area after the spill has been absorbed.


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About urine and vomit spill kit

  • Includes NQ64 granules that will effectively absorb spills.
  • Surface wipes can be used after spills have been absorbed. These will disinfect the area affected by the spill.
  • This kit is not chlorine based. Adding chlorine products to urine can produce particularly unpleasant odours. When used on vomit, chlorine based chemicals may give off extra chlorine gas.
  • NQ64 Granules will not bleach soft furnishings or fabrics.


  • 6 shakers of NQ64 granules
  • 15 scoops and scrapers
  • 1 tub surface wipes
  • 30 synthetic protective gloves
  • 15 yellow clinical waste disposal bags
  • 15 disposable aprons and full instructions for use

Urine and Vomit Spill Kit Applications

  • Hospital wards
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics / Doctors Surgeries
  • Residential homes
  • Airlines

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